Thursday, March 12, 2009

The View from on Top of an Obstacle

I always love it when someone has good news.

Today it is I! After the big crash that took my website down, after months of wrangling with templates, hosting services, fonts and source code my website lives again. It’s new and improved. I learned a lot during the process.

I read each article again as I changed imported fonts that got mangled. I found useful reminders. I checked the “Belief Quizzes” amazed at the nonsense we humans can believe. When my grandmother disagreed with someone she would say “Oh you’re just full of notions!” Now I know exactly what she meant.

In the process, I staged a personal belief breakout and changed a couple of big old notions. I believed technology was a necessary evil. I went kicking and whining through each inevitable evolution convinced and proclaiming “It’s toooo hard, I’m too old.”

It took an awfully long time, but I see the light. I’m eager, excited and ready to convert those books for kindle, ipod, you name it. I’m ready to edit the Miracles Weekend video, get those talks digitalized and out there! I am ready to play with the big kids in the big leagues and have a fine time doing it!

If there is something you’ve balked at learning, moving on to, or changing here are two of my favorite quotes. I hope they will cheer you on to hope and action in the perfect direction for you.

“If the horse dies, get off.” –Author unknown

“There is a great view from on top of an obstacle.” Bruce Di Marsico

About that website, the photo at the top of it is one I took from my patio last Christmas. Seems like a miracle – bright sunshine, green palm trees and snow on the mountain. And being able to show it to you – who live all over the world, WOW!

I’d love it if you would take a look and let me know what you think.
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Life is short and miracles await!


  1. you are so fun, uplifting, and brilliant. I have never known anyone so at home with how to be happy - you use it, you live it and you share it, thank god... as life is good for me then too. (Of course you've trained me to 'do it' be happy on my own. It's the way you do it that tickles me too - I will be thinking about that dead horse.
    Love you
    rae (still figuring out how to sign this thing - I can do it, I'm not too old....

  2. How great to hear from you Rae. The feeling is mutual. Love,

  3. Dear Mandy,

    I just wanted to quickly say that your website looks wonderful and thank you for all your inspirational thoughts & help.


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