Friday, September 25, 2015

A Remote Chance

What are the chances we would connect? Remote?

Iris, the tech support lady and I are trying get my new remote control make the picture fit the TV screen. We've clicked a bunch of stuff to no avail when she tells me to look at a small button on the cable box. This requires kneeling, which for most people is no big deal, but I've got a new knee.

The kneeling goes well; the button, not so much. I ask, "Do I need to stay down here?" Here's the "remote connection" part. I add "I'm kneeling on a replaced knee."

You know how much faster thoughts are than action? I put that knee part in and took it out in my mind about 3 times before I said it. I told myself she didn't need to know anything about my knee, just part about getting up. A strong, mysterious desire to tell her won the inner argument.

She says I can get up, then asks if we can talk about the knee replacement when we finish with the TV because she needs one too and she's really scared.

Many clicks later the picture fills the screen and Iris fills my heart. She's in her early 30's with rheumatoid arthritis. She's found me,  who researched for 2 years before my successful operation. I give her websites. I even have a friend who's mom had both knees replaced at the same time -- with RA, lupus and 35 years on Iris. We talk about pain and rehab, the new custom knees that last many years longer.

I tell her about the "How do you want to feel right now?" exercise (from the previous "30 Day Happiness Challenge" post) and how to get clear about her desired outcome and focus on that if she gets scared.

What is the remote chance you could make a difference in someone's life when you least expect it?

Wishing you and Iris health, happiness and inspired solutions to all of your challenges.