Friday, May 8, 2009

Who Nurtured You?

Happy Mother's Day!

Who nurtured you?
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  1. Funny you should ask about this, as I was sharing about this today with a friend. One person stands out in my life. She helped me get back on my feet when I was in fresh pain after my marriage of 17 years ended. She encouraged me to get clean & sober, which I have now been for 19 years. She helped and my daughters survive their unusually difficult teenage years. Most of all she taught me that I could be happy no matter what and I am, most of the time. That person? Mandy Evans! What a gift she is in our world!

  2. I've received amazing acknowlegements in private emails. Thanks. I want to share one. Someone thanked me for acceptance, the foundation of all my teaching and something I strive to practice in my daily life.
    She said There is nothing like acceptance to fuel one's dreams and give one the courage to move forward. It gives not only a sense of "all's right with the world", but also a sense of "all's right with me". Acceptance provides a space in which one can feel one's own truth. And that is the most empowering thing a human being can experience.

  3. Hi Mandy

    I used ti see mothers day as a consumers day rather than the meaning it really (should) have a day to honor all the "mothers" of the world.
    It can be your own mom or the mother of your childeren or a mom living next door.
    Mothers are a tue blessing to the world.
    My mom did nurture me when i Was real little and suffering from astamand brochitis she give me confidence by really loving me and along the way she introduced also fear but thart was because she did not know better and anyway I am very grateful to my mom that she brought me into this world, breast feed me and thought me some great lessons in life and the best to love unconditionally



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