Monday, May 19, 2008

Take the Money -- Or Not

I received as much response from the email about prayers for healing Danny the Dog as anything I have ever sent out. All but one person said I should take the $200 Danny's owner sent me.

I was touched by those caring emails. And I understand what they said about accepting gifts in the spirit they were offered, gratitude, not offending the giver, not blocking the flow.

But I just couldn't do it. I returned it with my thanks and suggested he might donate it to an animal shelter or animal related charity.

Danny's owner not only understood the spirit in which I declined, he thanked us for our kindness and said he's be glad to donate $500!!

I thank you for your kindness and sharing your thoughts with me and each other. There's a saying, "The essence of communication is intent." With what generous intent we all communicated!

To Your Health and Happiness -- and Danny's!


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Do This Instead of Giving Up

Since Joe Vitale’s bestseller, “The Attractor Factor” lists me under “Healers, Counselors and Mentors” I get some pretty unusual emails.

A man sent a request for a healing prayer and asked about my services. I told him I was not any kind of expert in that area but I’d be glad to offer a personal prayer for his healing.

He wrote back. The healing was for his dog, Danny, who has a kidney problem.

I sat quietly for a moment sending loving and healing thoughts to Danny and asking for his healing.

This caring pet owner emailed that he was sending a check for $200.

I quickly typed “No! No! Please don’t send it!” and clicked “send.”

The check arrived yesterday with a thoughtful note. He acknowledged my no-check-request, but said he wanted me to have it.

What a lovely predicament. What to say when I send the check back without being ungracious? Maybe I’m just being stubborn and short-sighted, but I really can’t see myself accepting money for praying.

It got me thinking about requests, prayers, gratitude, generosity, kindness and good stuff like that. How when you run out of ideas and actions, you can always meditate and pray instead of giving up in anger or despair.

Maybe you would like to offer a prayer for Danny too. He has such a generous and loving human friend, I’d like to help.

Seems like a step in a good direction – sharing our caring, concern, prayers and kindness. Ah, what a world it could be.

Sending love and healing thoughts your way,

Monday, May 12, 2008

Creating in the Empty Space

To lift your spirits and boost your creativity sometimes you have to clear out some clutter, let go of worn out routines and give yourself space to breathe free. 20 minutes of meditation may do it for you or a nice nap. I took 9 glorious months!

Last summer I sent out a message, “Dare to Face the Empty Place,” ( So many of you wrote back – far more than usual. You confirmed my suspicion that a lot of us get so cluttered up in our lives sometimes that we get lost in the tangles.

There’s not a lot of support for the empty place -- no game plan, no goals! -- so I thought I’d encourage you with some of my sweet adventures from the empty place.

For 9 months, no career building, no seeking new coaching clients, scheduling workshops. I turned away work I love! That left only a few previously scheduled events with NO plans for more.

I’ve had a wonderful time. I made a bunch of money in the stock market, hung out with old and new friends. I read for sheer pleasure, swam, spent precious time with my son and his girlfriend, Sheri.

Here are my son Barnaby and me at a happy reunion with two actors from a summer theater I worked at in 1960!

We gathered at my little cabin in the mountains for my 67th birthday week. In the first photo From left to right: My dear Barnaby. Then Harry Cauley (actor/writer/director/author of the fabulous novel, "Millersburg." Then Bob Burgos actor/writer/director with a hit play running in L.A. now.

When we met Bob was 17, Harry was 28, I was 19 and Barnaby had not even been thought of yet. Amazing we all turned out just fine, given some of our adventures between then and now.

I tackled some health problems. Like 12 years of bursitis in my left hip. After an MRI, 12 weeks of physical therapy many well wishes and the healing power of Robert (Dr. Buzz) Edelburg, it healed.

Dr. Buzz took the last "BREAKOUT Weekend" in Palm Springs. He loved it. We combined his vast knowledge with what he just learned in the workshop to uncover the limiting beliefs that had blocked healing. There were plenty of them too! Amazing how hard it is to find and challenge them all by yourself. More about this to come!

Barnaby is starting a new adventure too; his new company, aims be the go-to site for everything about food. Getting hungry? Check it out!

What else filled up all that space? Bubbling over enthusiasm and then, oops I did it again! I scheduled a BREAKOUT Weekend for Palm Springs in October.

Details will go out in June. Enrollment is limited. For an early notification and advance registration opportunity let me know and I’ll put you on the list.

Plans and goals are fine and fun. But when in doubt about what to do, where to go – check out the empty place. Fill it with love and life!

To Your Spacious Success and Happiness!