Saturday, June 1, 2024

Are You in a Groove or a Canyon?

Do you ever wonder, "How did I wind up here again?"  Perhaps:

  • In a relationship that does not work
  • In a job you dread going to
  • Feeling pressured by the demands of a friend
  • Alone more than you want to be
  • Angry and frustrated
  • Struggling to make ends meet

Our belief systems lead us all to some choices and actions while they rule out other possibilities. As long as those fixed ideas and that version of reality remain the same, we will make similar choices and repeat similar actions. The results seem inevitable and in a way they are. 

First you wear a path. You smooth is out until it is easy to follow. It becomes a groove, then a rut. It grows deeper and deeper until you find yourself in a canyon so deep you can no longer see over the walls to the abundant possibilities available to you beyond them.

There is a way out. Change Your Beliefs. Not so easy! But trudging through that endless canyon is so much harder and far less rewarding. 

How can you change a belief? How do you find them when you can't even see them? These clues will help you solve the mystery.

  1. Are you are feeling some way your don't like feeling?
  2. Do you want something that seems possible for others but not for you?

If you answered "Yes" please visit my website for lots of free information and links to videos to help you scale those canyon walls

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I'd love to know your thoughts and answer any questions, Please post your comments below.

Cheering you on to vast landscape beyond canyon walls!

With love,

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Losers Are Heroes

The hardest thing I ever had to do, he told us, was attending the execution of a young woman I knew was innocent. He was a lawyer who spoke about a case for the Innocence Project in California that he lost. Being there for his client at the end was all he had left to give. 

How much courage it must require to take on challenges like that again and again knowing the stakes, knowing that no matter how much you care, despite preparation and diligence, you cannot control the outcome. Your opponent, the jury, the judge -- each one plays their role in this real-life drama, their way.

Doctors too are high stakes losers. Sometimes they fail to cure sick patients. Sometimes they lose limbs and even lives in surgery. Somehow they go on trying to help us patients. 

Think of all the high stakes losers like AA sponsors, addiction counsellors, police officers, firemen (and women), performers who risk bombing in front of enormous crowds; just to name a few. And famous athletes like Michael Jordon who gave us his famous quote about missing the final shots that lost the game:

These losers are heroes abundantly worthy of the title. If you have lost and tried again, you are too. One of my favorite sayings is "We don't always win, but we suit-up for every game."

Got your suit on? I hope this post will help you to break out from some beliefs about failure.

Cheering you on to happiness, success and failure!

With love,


This post is dedicated to JL

Saturday, March 9, 2024

Peace in the Face of Hatred

 Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your daily dose of of bad news?

When I feel disheartened by the hatred, cruelty and greed (especially for power) in our world, the only thing I know to do is focus on what I want instead. Kindness. Generosity. Love. Compassion, Peace. I try to extend some.

Doing my small part to create the world I want feels so much better than despair or anger toward those who damage others. I don't wish those people harm or suffering -- just out of power and unable to hurt others.

The courage and strength required to confront suffering without being demoralized reminds me of our civil rights leader, John Lewis, who invited us to get into some good trouble.

So let's also stand up when we can. Maybe not in front of a tank, but In conversation, even if it ruffles a few feathers. Voting. Protesting injustice and cruelty. Contributing to worthy causes

If the plight of innocent people in war zones, or those who are homeless and hungry tugs at your heart so hard it threatens to overwhelm you, I hope this will help.