Sunday, July 27, 2008

Heading Towards What You Want?

Are you moving toward what you want or attracting it to you?

Or are you trudging wearily, dutifully, maybe even resentfully, in the opposite direction?

I've been looking at this with people all week. Here are a few examples:

A programmer uses every ounce of his energy grappling with problem he doesn't like solving while dealing with personalities who are not a match for his.

He longs to work in nature and spend his days outdoors. A young man dreams of a work environment filled with inspiring, challenging cohorts. He spends 10 hours a day trying to convince an old-fashioned boss of his vision on a project this boss controls.

Then there is me. During a recent visit I hit an awful impasse, a terrible snarl of non-functioning communication with someone I adore who is really important to me. We hit reached sorry stalemate. When we parted the best we could come up with is "I love you," neither one of us knowing where to go from there.

Sometimes if you want to change your life, attract a new adventure, see what it's like to have a new job, a new relationship you have to turn and take a step in a new direction.

Daring to reach for something you never stretched a hand out to before takes courage. Getting something you never thought you could have feels like a miracle. Maybe that's what a miracle is.

Before you take a "These Boots Are Made for Walking" approach though, sort out the beliefs and feelings that create that unworkable situation you want to break out from.

What worked for me and my coaching students might help you too.

We dispelled fears of bad credit, disapproval, uncertainty, loss of love and a host of limiting, self-defeating beliefs.

We moved beyond blame or guilt to take responsibility for our own emotions and our own lives. Each of us dared to be happy or at least arrive at a state of peace with the way things are now.

It's easy to settle for second best, but it's hard to get enough. So we sharpened our focus on what we really want.

Now we're ready for miracles!

Like these:
  • Selling a million dollars worth of mansions in transactions that work well for everyone involved.

  • A job as a park ranger and finding a nature loving a soul mate.

  • Walking away from a dead-end low paying job to take one of several promising opportunities that may lead to the work experience of a lifetime.

  • Communicating in a new, productive, loving way.

  • Always being well accompanied and cherished throughout this lifetime.
What miracles would you like to gear up for?

The BREAKOUT Weekend, October 24-26 is another opportunity to join 24 like minded seekers of freedom from beliefs that block happiness and success. I hope you'll join us in charming PalmSprings, CA. Information/registration .

Let's break out to miracles!

To Your Happiness! Success! And Miracles!


Author of "Emotional Options" and "Travelling Free: How to Recover From the Past by Changing Your Beliefs." Originator of the BREAKOUT seminar. You may share this content if you include the source and website, PO Box 4517, Palm Springs, CA 92263

Monday, July 14, 2008

Accept Miracles

Some people accept miracles. Other people except them -- as in exclude. Please forgive the pun! I couldn’t help myself.

In my work I come across people who ignore miracles and deflect miracles. They often struggle mightily with fear, anger, envy and resentment within a belief system that blocks happiness, success and miracles.

Of all of the things that could happen, the existence of life, love, and happiness seem like miracles beyond all imagining to me. That this trio is bestowed on every single one of us as long as we draw breath seems like a miracle beyond the beyond!

I will present a segment on “Accepting Miracles” at the September “Attracting Miracles” Weekend in San Diego.

October brings another opportunity in Palm Springs at the “BREAKOUT Weekend” where we’ll be clearing beliefs that block success, happiness and the acceptance of miracles.

I search for ways to convey these concepts. I woke up today pondering how to talk about accepting miracles in a truly useful way at these upcoming events.

An email from Douglas Wilson, director of the Rowe Conference Center in Massachusetts arrived with the answer.

"Statistically, the probability of any one of us being here is so small that you'd think the mere fact of existing would keep us all in a contented dazzlement of surprise." --Lewis Thomas, The Lives Of A Cell.

The amazing thing is that even in a state of contented dazzlement of surprise we still want to create new adventures! We still want to attract greater prosperity, be more successful, share more love.

What would you attract or create in a state of contented surprise?

To find out about the Miracles Weekend

For the BREAKOUT Weekend

The Rowe Conference Center

Wishing you an great abundance of miracles! Hope to see you in Palm Springs or San Diego to accept some miracles together.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Personal Declaration of Independence

Freedom from limiting, self-defeating, or
life-extinguishing beliefs is the greatest
independence we can gain.

We follow faulty conclusions, misconceptions
and misperceptions every day of our lives ...
until we become aware of them.

Once we discover what they are we can challenge
them and eliminate them.

It is so very hard to create peace, love and prosperity
through the bars of a belief system that says:
You Cannot!
You Better Not!
It will only make things worse if you try!
You'll get hurt again!
It will be really bad this time!
Be angry!
Feel guilty!
Hold on to that fear!
Don't you dare reach for that!

I know. I've heard all of them and believed most of them.

I am fortunate to have spent most of my life helping people
to break out from beliefs that hold them back. My work
helps me to recognise and eliminate a lot of my own.

I still find them all the time on an infinite journey
to truth and clarity. The trip is so exciting though,
I wouldn't want it to end.

It is a blessing to travel a way with each of you.

In the USA we will celebrate our Independence as a country
this week. It's a fine time to reflect on your personal state of
independence in whatever part of the world your are.

There's an independence story about a bonfire, an angel
(a real one!) and a night that changed my life forever.

It's been reprinted, added to; it grew and grew until it
got too long to send out like this.
You can read it at

To your freedom, happiness and success!