Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Speaking of Miracles

Want to experience a miracle? Several to choose
from came up in a Skype interview with those
delightful women, The English Sisters today.

Miraculously, it's already up and available on YouTube

Rome to Palm Springs! A little jerky, but hey,
across the world and free!

More about Accepting Miracles! If you are looking
for holiday gifts (don't forget yourself) please consider
the "Accepting Miracles" video at the Breakout Store.

For $7.95 you can give it 3 times! We set the delivery
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Arithmetic aside, the live presentation in this video drew
a big standing ovation because it opens the door to
accepting miracles. They are available to us all, but so
easy to miss if we get caught in the quicksand of stress,
worry and fear. It's ironically common to lose track of our
blessings during the holidays meant to celebrate them.

Here's to accepting and celebrating the miracles of connection, love, and happiness with you!


Readers and I love to hear what you think and share your
miracles. You can post them here by clicking on "Post a comment"below.