Tuesday, September 29, 2009

For Active and Aspiring Coaches

Are you an active coach who would like to expand your skills and your practice? Have you thought about becoming a coach yourself and wondered where to get the training you need to help people flourish and succeed?

Supercoach Michael Neill has created a Supercoach Academy. He put together a comprehensive certificate training with masters of the coaching methods he values most. These are the tools Michael uses to help his clients astound themselves with their own success stories.

I’m excited to be part the training. I will teach participants how I help people to break out from the beliefs they hold that block happiness, success and miracles.

Only 60 people will be able to train with Michael and this faculty. Registration is open and the course is filling up with people from around the globe. There is a special discount that ends this week, so if you think this may be just what you’re looking for, check it out now at www.supercoachacademy.com.

In the years I’ve known Michael I watched his own list of achievements grow at warp speed. I can’t wait to join him in action, sharing his magic with 60 motivated coaching students.

To your happiness and success!

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Busted! Trouble Walking the Walk

Busted! Trouble walking the – well trouble walking at all. I’ve been thinking and writing about how what you focus on grows. Oh dear, look what happened.

A friend of mine recently fell several times and severely injured herself. I wondered with intense curiosity (oh, no!) what would happen if I fell down.

When I tried to recall the last time I fell I came up with only two downer incidents in my adult life. When I was about seven months pregnant with baby Barnaby in 1967, I caught my heel as I stepped down from the Broadway bus in NYC and plunged baby-bump forward onto the sidewalk. I can still hear the gasps from horrified onlookers. Other than skinned knees and minor mortification, Barnaby and I escaped without damage.

About twenty years ago I fell flat on my face on the beach in Carlsbad, CA on Christmas morning while taking a walk with a friend. No problems. Lots of laughs.

By now my tripping/falling thoughts are vivid and strong, my curiosity piqued.

It’s two weeks ago. I’m walking to my car at a shopping mall. I catch my toe on a slightly raised square of concrete. I stumble forward – one, two, three steps. I almost pull out of it. Maybe if I go faster. But if I fall, I’ll smash to the ground harder. I feel the tipping point. Gravity wins and I surrender. I slow down, put my forearm up to protect my face, turn my knee to the side. I land on my right thigh. Scrapes and a big bruise but I think I’m fine.

Now it’s two weeks later. My right hip hurts like a son of a gun. I’m trying to focus on the outcome I want. I catch myself over and over planning for a frozen hip. I’ve had frozen bursitis/tendonitis joints before so I know just what to imagine – vividly!

I drag my thoughts back to what I want. A healthy, pain free hip joint that moves really well. Now I bust myself thinking like a dang mantra, is it better? Is it worse? Better? Worse? Better? Worse? Whew!

I’m sending this message out because I got a lot of response to my last message, “Beware of Your Hidden Plans.” Some people said that the whole law of attracting stuff you don’t want idea suddenly made sense. Others asked how to focus on what you want. The real answer is “Just do it!”

The long, also real answer, is I know it’s hard. We have such vivid memories of past disasters, loaded with emotions, all set and ready to go. We have to make up our images about the future.

Any marketer worth his salt will tell you desire and fear are the strongest motivators. What do you market to yourself? When you focus on what you want, you get ideas, information, see opportunities for that. When you focus on what you dread you get ideas, information and see opportunities for that.

This has been an excellent test case for me. Here are some of my gains. I am highly aware of my thoughts. I direct and re-direct them to plans for healing. I’ve taken the best actions I know for healing. I’m ready to get medical attention if it gets any worse. I know who to turn to for help if I need it. The whole experience has been interesting and pretty much worry free.

The good news is for the first time in a week, I feel better today than yesterday. In fact right now I feel A-OK.

Here’s to conscious, happy motivation!


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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Beware of Your Hidden Plans

Beware of your hidden plans.

Most of you know the basic The Law of Attraction theory that says, “What you focus on grows.”

That’s why it is important to know what you are really planning for. The inspiration for this message came from a dear friend and former student. He has faced tough challenges in the recession as he watched the market for his small business dry up like the legendary dust bowl of the 1930’s.

He did not lack courage or resourcefulness. He relocated to a more promising area. So did the downturn. He got a job. He got laid off.

He told me, “If they don’t extend un-employment benefits, I’m afraid I’ll be on the streets.”

See the painful plan? My friend is planning to remain unemployed and without income several months from now. He is afraid of what will happen when he follows his plan.

Another student told me about an exciting performance coming up. “After that, there’s nothing but the boring holidays to get through.” she said.

Another lives in fear “my credit card will max out and then what will I do?”

These people are smart, talented, and creative. Each one has read the top-selling books about consciousness, prosperity and spirituality.

The problem is that they are executing hidden plans. Plans that even they do not know the have placed in operation.

Our unemployment guy did not notice that he made up a future that contains no new opportunities, insights, breaks or sources of income.

Our performer did not notice that she created a future with months of boredom out of memories and thin air.

The credit card guy did not notice the he was planning for a future devoid of new opportunities.

I catch myself living by those dread-full secret plans sometimes too. I suspect we all have them.

The problem is that as we follow our secret (from ourselves) unconscious plans we prepare for disaster by kicking in the fight or flight response. But our plans do not include a predator to fight or an escape route to run through. We are left with only the adrenalin splashing into our system, the subsequent depletion of energy and ongoing fear, anxiety and dread.

There is a way out! The truth will set you free! Noticing (becoming aware and conscious) that you are making up a scenario you do not want to live out and that you plan to follow it is an excellent first step.

The next step is to make up an outcome you would like. Focus on that. You may not have all the details in place. I actually prefer a wide focus to an overly narrow one that leaves so many infinite opportunities out of range.

For example you can focus on desire for inspiration, support, new information, new opportunities, unexpected income, fortuitous connections, restorative sleep – whatever your heart desires.

If you could expend as much emotion and energy on what you do want for one week, I’ll bet you would see some miracles.

This experiment does not require you to believe it will work. Try it and see. I’d love to hear what you come up with.

Wishing you happy plans and prosperous outcomes.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Beyond His Wildest Dreams Kevin Skinner Breaks Out

You just never know. Last night Kevin Skinner won on “America’s Got Talent” and heads to Las Vegas. Here is his first appearance on the show.

What would be a breakout beyond your wildest dreams?

Have a wonderful weekend.


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Monday, September 14, 2009

Beyond Fear of Changing

My coaching clients often tell me they experience profound fear before our first session together. I always explore that fear with them before we move on to other issues they want to work on.

The answers that come up most often are about what will happen if the very changes they want to bring about really happen. Common fear-making beliefs are about deserving, courting disaster, being punished, succeeding, failing, drawing undue attention, being vulnerable to attack, becoming someone they do not like, becoming greedy, arrogant, selfish, uncaring, full of themselves, envied, judged, alone and unloved. Wow!

Me too. When my first book, “Emotional Options” came out, I had lots of those fears! Only a few came about, just as they might have had I done nothing.

I recall a frightening moment when I felt as if I were setting sail in unchartered waters. So many of my beliefs about my lot in life, what I could have and how I must feel had changed, I felt adrift, not knowing where I would land, who I would be. It was about 38 years ago. I did an Option Method dialogue with my dear friend Marvin Beck. I told him I was afraid of crossing a line into an unknown reality.

He asked me, well, “Mand” what scares you about that?
I might not be able to get back, I answered.
What scares you about that? He asked.

My mind went all fuzzy. I felt disoriented – just as my students often do now. This has happened many times. When I was born for example. When I was 14 and lived in Australia. When my son was born. When I went to GROW to become a group leader, discovered the Option Method, took the est training, became hospice volunteer, moved to California. I’ve never been able to get back into the unenlightened state I had been in before those transforming experiences. So far it’s been fine each time.

My list was shorter back then, but I came out of my foggy state and happily told Marvin I figured it would be ok.

Recently people have talked about that kind of fear when they registered for my Breakout to Miracles Weekend. In life the course begins when you sign up for it. Maybe even when you just think about setting out in a new direction, opening doors you may not have known you closed.

I once asked a student, What are you afraid would happen if you were happy? After a long, long, long pause she whispered, You mean, give up pitiful? Then she burst into uncontrollable, gasping, side splitting laughter.

Think about something you would like to bring into your life? Is it scary? Don’t stop there!

Ask yourself what’s scary about it? Do you believe your answer? What are you concerned would happen if you were not scared?

We are going to change. Each and every one of us will grow, learn, gain, love and lose, age, most likely die. The big choice is whether we choose our changes, willingly engage them or simply brace ourselves to endure them.

Wishing you enlightening changes and great happiness.


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Learn to use the Option Method in “Emotional Options” by Mandy Evans