Saturday, May 9, 2009

Persevere or Give Up?

That goose sure taught me a lesson about persistence.

We have a little lake here in the desert. Lots of geese spend the winter every year. One flies in with his mate for the summer. They arrive each year just after all the other geese leave for cooler climates.

They build a nest, lay some eggs and wait. As temperatures soar the eggs bake and rot. She sits and he patrols the area attacking the gardeners and baby ducks.

We all wonder why don’t they just give up. I even wrote a blog about it, “Stop Struggling Like a Crazy Goose.” Boy was I wrong. I love being wrong. It always means I learned something new.

Spring moved in this year cool, slow and sweet.

Guess what happened? See below!

So how do you know when to give up and when to keep trying?
Here's a plan.
Never give up unless you want to.
Hold on and persevere as long as you like.
Eventually one of 4 things will happen:
Your dream will come true
You’ll lose interest
You will want something else even more
You’ll run out of time

The extra good news is that you never have to struggle like a crazy goose.
Put your order in to the universe.
Enjoy the dream.
Embrace the goal.
Look for opportunities.
Take action when you spot a good opportunity.
Be happy in the meantime.
Make sure you stay open to discover more wonderful possibilities than you ever dreamed of.

Who knows what you might hatch!

To your happiness and success!

Love, Mandy

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