Thursday, July 23, 2009

Is Wonder Calling You?

Robert Edelberg loves horses. He lived on a ranch and enjoyed the out-the-back-door access to his animals.

When he established a chiropractic practice in Palm Springs and remolded a dream home it seemed that having a horse of his own was a thing of the past.

Then came Wonder.

Wonder is a beautiful thoroughbred jumper. She had a habit of kicking over the top rail in competition so her owner decided to find her a new home.

One of Robert’s friends saw an email about a horse for adoption. She didn’t know much about horses, but she knew Robert. She sent him an email. He asked what kind of horse she was. His friend replied “brown.”

Robert went on with his busy day. Over the next few hours 2 more of his friends sent him emails about a horse for adoption. He ignored them.

When he returned home that night he noticed something odd in the bushes beside his front door. A playing card had lodged there. He lives in a windy area. Maybe the wind?

Or maybe Wonder calling. The card was an Ace with a picture of a horse on it that looked just like –Wonder.

Robert figured he had to at least visit her in the high desert where she was boarded. He fell in love with a horse named Wonder.

When he noticed a cut on her leg, he contacted Wonder’s owner to report the injury and to say he was interested.

His friend, Steve agreed to board her a his ranch nearby. Wonder’s owner met Robert there and said “Let’s move her now!”

Miracles abound! The signs are all around, but if you are listening to a played-out old sad song, trapped in a limiting belief system or just too busy with your day you may miss the call.
If Wonder is calling you, will you hear?

Photos of Wonder and Robert

To many wonders!


Robert Edelberg inspires me every two weeks in the Cathedral City Mastermind Group.