Sunday, October 21, 2012

The You Factor!

With the holidays in full swing this question gains importance by the day. Before you shop 'til you drop, work yourself to a frazzle, worry yourself into a tizzy, or max out your credit card, remember The You Factor

Question: Who comes first? You or other people?

Answer: There is no first or second, third or fourth. Always factor in your own well-being. Then in every situation, in every circumstance, you can allow your generous spirit to flow freely. You can share your love and abundance, but never to your own detriment.

You can also factor in everyone's well-being. You may not know what to do, or how it will work out, but if you want happy days for all, you will most likely find life-enhancing solutions to the challenges you meet.

The ramifications? When you break out from the limiting belief that someone has to come first and others merely trail along, picking at left-overs, you never have to harden your heart or judge someone harshly. You are free to pursue an optimal outcome for yourself and include everyone involved.

Wishing you wonderful holidays, great happiness, and success with the You Factor!

Thanks to Robert Endo, who once said to me, "Yeah, but you've got to factor in your own well-being too, Mandy."

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