Monday, March 23, 2009

The Magic of a Mastermind Group

Last weekend the Cathedral City Mastermind Group met in beautiful, peaceful, Rosarito Beach, Mexico for a retreat. We supported each other in loving creative consciousness. We also shopped a bit, day-dreamed on the balcony, went tide-pooling at low tide, ate and drank and enjoyed the amazing condo two of our members shared with us. If you're looking for your own bit of paradise, it's for sale. Send an email to Jo'se at and he'll tell you all about it and show you a virtual tour.

Our Mexican Mastermind adventure --

The astounding view from our balcony, our our group, minus one member who was with us in spirit and me holding forth on something or other.

A mastermind group is a wonderful way to keep growing, expanding your consciousness and breaking out from limiting beliefs you do not even know you have.

Wishing you abundant support for your dreams and great happiness.

With love,