Monday, November 17, 2014

Clear Vision: What I Learned from Cataract Surgery

I do not ask for help easily. At least this time I managed to override the automatic, "If you can't do it, no problem." I just asked. The second person, my neighbor was able and willing to arrive at my gate at 7:15 AM to take me off to the surgery center.

A healing environment and kindness are very important to me. I knew my doctor was an old grouch with a reputation for an explosive temper. He's harsh; I'm sensitive but we got through it OK.

The big lesson is that I focus on what may be wrong more than I like, sort of scanning for problems like a computer anti-virus program on high alert.. There was plenty to focus on, lots of little hiccups, like those pesky broken blood vessels. Easiest to obsess about, a very slow recovery to normal vision, just approaching today on day 4.

My coaching clients and I work on this together all the time. It comes up for the most successful people I know. In my work I never want to "think positive" or "think negative." The goal is always clear vision. This seems a perfect opportunity to improve my own view. If something is off, I want to know, but not to the exclusion of the wonder all around me!

If you too, sometimes get caught up in the what-is-wrong-web, maybe this is a good time for you too, to widen your focus and include the wonder of it all.

Today I am going to consciously include in my focus:
  • The miracle of fast eye surgery 
  • The extraordinary miracle of sight
  • The kind wishes of friends and my dear son
  • The thoughtful support of my neighbor
  • The miracle of color
  • My comfy home to return to
  • The gradual clearing of my vision
  • The vast numbers of people who can see because of  surgery like this
  • The warm feeling of gratitude for my life and the coming holiday
  • Love and thanks to you for sharing my journey!
Here's to clear vision and happiness!