Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mystery of Attraction -- Magic and Miracles

I met them in Michigan in the summer of 1960.

I was a 19 year old from a small town in Maryland, completely on my own for the first time as an apprentice at The Ledges Playhouse in Grand Ledge.

The producer, Bill Slout; his lovely wife and talented leading lady, Marte Boyle and the handsome writer/actor, multi-talented leading man, Harry Cauley lived in New York. So did my fellow apprentice and life-long friend 17 year old actor/director-in-the making, Bob Burgos.

The memory of that first summer in Grand Ledge (I spent 2 there) is bright and vivid. For the first time I felt wanted, connected, a vital part of something I loved.

I gave up my short life in the theater a few years later and never thought much about those early dreams again.

From Michigan, New York and Maryland, all of us ended up in Southern California within 2 hours from each other.

Last night we gathered with a whole bunch of other people for Bill and Marte’s 50th wedding anniversary. What a time!

For us to be hugging, laughing, teasing, reminiscing again seems almost miraculous. What sweet mystery attracted us to each other in the first place and brought all 5 of us together again on a soft end-of-summer evening 48 years later?

For a long time I’ve known I was going to join Joe Vitale and a group of exciting teachers next week in the San Diego Miracles Weekend,

I knew they are going to video it and make a movie.

But not until I headed West to meet my old show business friends did it dawn on me – I’m going to be in a movie!

The Law of Attraction? Karma? Dreams coming true? Whatever it is, I love it!

May all of your special connections thrive and be blessed, cherished and nurtured! And how about an old dream coming true, like magic and miracles?!


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