Friday, April 18, 2008

Struggling Like a Crazy Goose

That crazy goose is back. He arrives with his mate every year about this time. When all of the geese who visit our man-made pond have flown off to cooler climates for nesting and mating, this duo swoops in.

She builds a nest by a bench in a rose garden and lays her eggs. He defends their territory. He hisses at the gardeners, charges at anyone who wonders near. He wages war on the ducks and drowns every fuzzy little duckling that paddles near his end of the pond.

What does all that hissing, charging and drowning ducklings get him? Nothing! As our desert temperature rises, then soars, the eggs don't hatch. They cook.

It's easy for us to see how crazy-hopeless their efforts are, but they obviously do not get it.

Everyone I know struggles like a crazy goose in some way. We have little chance of catching on by ourselves. That's because our belief systems, comprising our personal un-examined versions of reality, dictate our behavior and our choices. You are not likely to stumble on these beliefs as you wander through life. You have to know how to look for them and what to do when you find them.

For example: a man I worked with recently summoned the courage to tell me that he felt lonely and lost after a divorce. He had never in his adult life told anyone how he felt when he was hurt, sad or lonely. Resolving his beliefs and fears around that issue in an open way set him firmly on a new path to adventures in human connection. He knows he has a lot to learn and looks forward to it.

Here's personal example. If you've been reading these messages for a while you know I have struggled for years with health issues and physical pain. It was a personal breakout to share that with all of you. Your response has been amazingly kind and helpful. Thank you.

I found a great crazy-goose pattern! For years, I focused on how to endure limitations, and pain rather than how to cure my body. Who knew?! I got really good at it too, but the mastery didn't provide any rewards to write home about.

With a new goal of feeling good and being really healthy, I'm getting help and already making progress. A big bonus is working with someone special on how to teach this to other people. More about that soon.

Is there something in your life you do over and over like a crazy goose? If you can pinpoint one, celebrate. Now you can look for solutions to help you thrive and flourish.

Start with what you want instead of the way it is now.

Do not let other people, X-Rays, your bank statement or anything else stop you from the amazing grace of experiencing that desire! Notice, I said "experiencing that desire" not fulfilling it. I do not know what will happen. I do know experiencing desire is an excellent first step, one that many people forget about or try to avoid.

Then find your limiting beliefs.

Is there any reason you can't have that desire?
Are your reasons/beliefs true?

If you want to create new results, all you have to do is turn, sometimes ever so slightly, and take the next step in a clear new direction.

Cheering you on with love,

PS - Coming soon, new openings for coaching students and at least one more BREAKOUT Weekend in Palm Springs, CA. There is a waitinglist for coaching sessions. If you'd like to be on it let me know. If you are on it, I'll check with you soon.