Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Welcome in 2008

When the calendar measure of time marks a new year, thoughts turn to new beginnings. Instead of resolutions, I focus on what I would like to welcome into my life. This year I noticed with some surprise that I wanted a good deal of less along with my more.

I think conscious, clear awareness of what we want to attract to us or move toward -- what we want to fill our bodies, hearts, souls and lives with matters most. That includes an awareness of what we want to avoid. Sort of like a walk down a lovely lane with a desire to avoid mud puddles from a recent rain – unless of course it’s a hot day and squishy mud on bare feet is just what you want.

It’s so easy to get caught in the trap of what we ought to want or ought to avoid. But each of us is one of a precious kind and our unique desire will lead us down a path we make with our own footsteps. Correct your course as new information becomes available. Be willing to learn! Be willing to be happy!

There is power in awareness and in sharing. It makes things grow. It turns thoughts into reality, reality into life-lessons, life-lessons into awareness.

I hope you will share some of your "welcomings" with us! Here are mine.


peace on earth, good will to all
happiness, laughter, love, health, wisdom, good books
smart, funny, kind friends to share good times with who live nearby
creative outlets
healthy ways to be useful and helpful to others
continued prosperity
food, shelter, love for all
physical health and well-being
clearing away false beliefs that limit health, success and happiness
interesting, engaging, enjoyable learning experiences
spiritual growth and enlightenment

less pain, harsh judgement, punishment, war
less starvation, torture, cruelty and hatred in the world
less pain in my body
less fat in my body
less reluctance to ask for help

It’s a start! How about you?