Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Welcome Miracles in 2009

We’ve all had the experience. You think how much you love someone and want to connect. The phone rings. You hear your loved one’s voice and smile with delight.

How does it work? What gets in the way when it does not work?

I’ve rummaged around with those questions for over 30 years with lots of bright, curious, open minded, generous spirited people.

Here is some of what we learned.

The bad news is that you are not in charge of the whole universe, your vote about how things should go is not the only one that counts. If you think about it though, it’s not really bad news. How would you like it if someone else could determine the outcome in your life?

Desire is the rocket fuel of manifestation. It propels thoughts, action and creativity. I’m pretty sure it works in a cosmic way too, pushing and pulling things around in ways we are just beginning to grasp.

Happy desire brings happiness. Unhappy desire brings unhappiness.

Desire comes from the Latin desiderare, to await from the stars.

It works like an inner compass – an awareness of what we want to move toward or attract to us.

Self-defeating beliefs get in the way. They block amazing experiences. Call them miracles, blessings, whatever you want; we deflect and reject them every day. Because these experiences seem like miracles to us, they do not, by definition, fit into our limiting belief-systems about what we can be, what we can have and what we deserve. We rule them out like a foul-happy umpire in the game of life.

When we uncover those beliefs and reveal them as the misperceptions that they are, we can accept the wonders all around us. You may want to read (or re-read!) “Emotional Options” and “Travelling Free” to help you to do that. You can order them at”

On the first day of each New Year, I gather with a small group of friends to become more aware of “What I Welcome Into My Life.”

We’ll reflect on the miracles and wonders we’d like to show up in 2009, write them down and share the ones we want to divulge. I’ll share some of mine here.

There is power in shared consciousness. Letting people know what you would like to connect with improves the chances that it will happen, especially if lots of us celebrate and support each other’s heart’s desire.

I hope you’ll welcome miracles and blessings in 2009.

One desire leaps to mind right now: for each of you to be happier than ever before, more prosperous, healthier, more filled with love and receiving it back from all around you.

Please share this with anyone you’d like to extend a welcome to.

Happy New Year!