Monday, December 2, 2013

Clear Desire and Happiness

"I finally did it," my high-tech friend, Jeffrey Pease, announced. "I took some time to think about it and wrote down a few things I know I want."

"You know what I noticed?" he asked. "I really like to solve puzzles. I realised that sometimes I feel a little guilty, as if I'm wasting time, when I spend a half day fixing a computer to donate to a group that gives them to kids and the computer is only worth an hour's work. I just like seeing if I can make it work."

"It surprised me to see that I if I enjoy fixing something, it's OK." he concluded.

Why does it feel so good to know what you want? Because it frees us from the unconscious energy-drain of trying to get things we don't really want. We focus, we strategise, we worry, plot and plan how to reach goals we think we should want. Then we wonder why the results deliver such a weak punch.

Goals are great. Striving for a mighty result with all your heart -- well, I can't think of anything to top it. It's the striving with none of your heart that sucks the life right out of you.

Perhaps the legacy of auto-pilot adherence to the myth that desire is bad keeps us from taking a quiet moment now and then to see what we want to move toward or attract to us. That clarity always feels good, so light. The pure energy of it bears no resemblance to the heaviness of effort and struggle. Happiness and desire make magic.

Here's a suggestion: for today focus on the experience you want rather than the things and circumstances you may believe will deliver it. How about --

  • Intense curiosity
  • Belly hurting laughter
  • Peace
  • The warmth of good will
  • Love
  • Kindness, given, received or both
  • Feeling your body move well
  • Solving a puzzle
  • Learning something new
  • A good lunch
  • Sweet rest
  • Completing a task, well done
  • Or? What would you like to experience today?

Wishing you clarity of desire and many happy moments.