Monday, December 28, 2009

What Do You Want in 2010

What would you like to move toward or attract to you in 2010? Take these steps to attract miracles as we enter a new decade.

Become conscious. Set aside some time alone or with friends to focus on what you want to welcome into you life this year.

Make it real. You help potential miracles move from vague notions to physical manifestation on planet earth by making them real. Make a Welcome List. The vibration of a thought form changes if you write it down. It begins the journey to show up in your life. You can make it more physical and strengthen it along the way if you tell someone else. And someone else. When lots of people hold the same dream with you and for you, it changes again. Now the idea exists in other people’s minds. They may talk about it. It begins to live in the sound vibration of the spoken word.

Remove limiting beliefs that block success. If you feel bad when you think about what you want I’ll bet you believe something that is not true -- something that limits your ability to feel actual joyful desire, or share freely what you want. If you focus on what you want and you feel worried, resentful, angry, guilty, afraid or sad, get to work using free articles at, or by working with the exercises in “Emotional Options” or “Travelling Free: How to Recover from the Past.”

Focus, focus again, focus some more. It’s not mysterious. What you focus on grows. If you keep your eyes on the prize you will discover opportunities, connections, open doors and the prize itself. If you keep your focus on who done you wrong or who got more, you’ll see a whole lot more of that.

Acknowledge and appreciate any and all movement in the desired direction. So often we dismiss the first mini-manifestations that show up as insufficient and “not worth the trouble.” We give up or lose hope.
Learn what you need to know to make it work out.

Be happy now. The pot of gold at the end of all our seeking is happiness in any of it’s wondrous forms. It may be delight, peace, feeling loved or loving, excitement, being at one with the world or bliss. It is the reward you can have at the beginning of your journey as well as at the triumphant end. You can give it to yourself right now.

Close your eyes and ask yourself: If you could feel any way you want to right now, what would it be. See what happens.

When you know what to do, take action! For years I thought how much I would like it if Amazon would stamp packages that are gifts with “Gift” or something so we can tell them from stuff we order ourselves. Today I sent Jeff Bezos a quick email. I mentioned my son, Barnaby who was a Vice President at Amazon. About an hour later he answered: "Thx for the suggestion, and I will pass it on to the team. (I'm a big Barnaby fan!)." Fast, huh?

Maybe you’ll get a gift with an Amazon stamp one day – think of me :-)!

Wishing you a bright new decade filled with love and happiness.


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