Sunday, June 13, 2010

Break Out from this Oversold Myth

Contrary to the advice of many personal and spiritual
development gurus, it is not always a good idea to get
a fixed idea of what you want, post a picture on the
fridge and visualize it every day until you get it or die

Why? Because your fixed focus may exclude miracles.
Say you set off on a hike, for example. You goal is to
reach the top of a mountain with a wonderful view at
the end of your trail.

You come across a small pool of water, surrounded by
moss covered rocks. It's early spring. Magenta trillium
and other woodsy wildflowers peak out from decaying

Will you stop in awe or forge blindly ahead to your view
from the top?

The sound of rushing water captures your attention. Just
around the bend a waterfall, fed my snow melt cascades
into a rushing stream. You hardly notice. On to the top.
A fawn darts across an opening in the trees. Not on your
list of adventures for the day.

Finally as you huff and puff your way up the final incline,
clouds move in obscuring the view. Dang you think, another
wasted day.

You can apply the analogy to any goal - like a promotion
at work, a new car, home or relationship. Like this one.
A vivacious, intelligent young woman in a coaching group
told us how unhappy she was because her boyfriend,
Emmet had ended their relationship.

As we explored her misery, she explained in a tear choked
voice that he was the best boyfriend she ever had. After
some exploration of the limiting beliefs that held her un-
happiness in place her view of possibilities began to
expand. It no longer seemed true that Emmett was her last
chance at a happy relationship. Within minutes she grinned
at us and said, "I should get a tee shirt that says "Emmett
or Better."

My teacher and friend, Bruce Di Marsico who originated the
Option Method, put it well. "It's nice to get what you want,
but it's important to be open to better than you ever thought of."

It's your mind; do you keep it open to the miracles all around
you? Your heart? Is it truly open to an abundance of love?

Cheering you on to better than you ever dreamed of!


PS, Remember "Why You Want Everything?" on YouTube.
Now available with Hungarian subtitles - better than
I dreamed possible!