Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mystery of Attraction -- Magic and Miracles

I met them in Michigan in the summer of 1960.

I was a 19 year old from a small town in Maryland, completely on my own for the first time as an apprentice at The Ledges Playhouse in Grand Ledge.

The producer, Bill Slout; his lovely wife and talented leading lady, Marte Boyle and the handsome writer/actor, multi-talented leading man, Harry Cauley lived in New York. So did my fellow apprentice and life-long friend 17 year old actor/director-in-the making, Bob Burgos.

The memory of that first summer in Grand Ledge (I spent 2 there) is bright and vivid. For the first time I felt wanted, connected, a vital part of something I loved.

I gave up my short life in the theater a few years later and never thought much about those early dreams again.

From Michigan, New York and Maryland, all of us ended up in Southern California within 2 hours from each other.

Last night we gathered with a whole bunch of other people for Bill and Marte’s 50th wedding anniversary. What a time!

For us to be hugging, laughing, teasing, reminiscing again seems almost miraculous. What sweet mystery attracted us to each other in the first place and brought all 5 of us together again on a soft end-of-summer evening 48 years later?

For a long time I’ve known I was going to join Joe Vitale and a group of exciting teachers next week in the San Diego Miracles Weekend,

I knew they are going to video it and make a movie.

But not until I headed West to meet my old show business friends did it dawn on me – I’m going to be in a movie!

The Law of Attraction? Karma? Dreams coming true? Whatever it is, I love it!

May all of your special connections thrive and be blessed, cherished and nurtured! And how about an old dream coming true, like magic and miracles?!


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Monday, September 8, 2008

Keep Learning!

Every single person I know who is unhappy and stuck balks at learning. They may resist a life-lesson that stares them in the face. Or they might cling to the status quo and fight every inevitable change.

Every single successful, happy person I know loves to learn.

Keep Learning!

On Saturday I trained Joe Vitale’s Miracles Coaches team in my way to find and clear beliefs that keep each and every one of us in a small box of our own making. Those beliefs separate us from the abundant opportunities and resources available to us all.

With this is extraordinary group of dedicated, experienced and caring people, my concern was that nobody would admit to having anything to work on.

Guess what? They had plenty of stuff – painful, bewildering, confusing stuff. That’s because they are human. What sets them apart and contributes to their remarkable success with clients is that they keep learning and learning and learning.

On Friday night I had dinner with Joe and his beloved Nerissa. A major factor in Mr. Attractor Factor’s ability to accomplish more than most people ever even dream about in a lifetime (or 10 lifetimes!) is his insatiable thirst for knowledge. As fast as he learns something wonderful, he finds a way to share it.

I learned so much over Thai lettuce wraps! An amazing idea to improve the BREAKOUT Weekend, new ways to communicate old ideas, websites to visit and a killer title for an article.

In search of a summer learning adventure I took a 4 day Qigong course in San Diego. At 67 I did wonder if I’d be the oldest, stiffest, chubbiest, least experienced person there – I wasn’t! Though it was a challenge, I completed every single exercise and form all the way through including the one that lasted 2 hours. I loved it. My body, mind and spirit learned a lot.

Richard is 67, like me. Though he has a lot of physical problems, he’s happier than he has been in years. He is learning how to read – fast! We work together twice a week . Teaching adults how to read thrills me beyond description.

If you’d like to learn something that will enhance and enrich your life forever, come to the October 24-26 BREAKOUT Weekend in Palm Springs:

Or the Miracles Weekend with Joe Vitale and a group of his favorite teachers (including me) in San Diego, September 26-28:

Or be wild! Come to them both.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Coaching the Coaches

Austin, Texas, here I come. I’m flying out tomorrow to work with the Miracles Coaches team.

Joe Vitale (author of “The Attractor Factor” who is featured in “The Secret”) put the program together to share the insights, principles and life-skills that contribute to the amazing success he has achieved. Now people can learn in a few weeks what it took him a lifetime to master.

The feedback on the program rocks. I can’t wait to spend time with this group of seasoned, inspired and dedicated life-coaches doing what I love best. Teaching people how to uncover hidden limiting beliefs that block success and happiness and break free from them still thrills me after all these years. With this knowledgeable group it will be one advanced class for sure!

Life delivers amazing opportunities. Sometimes it only takes clearing away one or two beliefs to see them. Here are two quizzes you can take to break out from some of you own limiting beliefs:

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To your happiness and success!