Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Does Someone Make A difference In Your Life?

An email arrived a few days ago from someone who read my segment in "The Secret" by Joe Vitale. It touched me deeply and reminded me of two important things:
  1. Why I do what I do. Not so people can get a new car, or more money (though those are fine fun things to get) but so we can see what matters and share what we learn so we can have paradise on earth. Why not?
  2. How important it is to acknowledge those who contribute to out lives and our world. If someone makes a difference in your life, tell them! Thanks them! Review their stuff! on Amazon or Trip Advisor. "Like" their posts. Send them a card. Find a way to let them know they matter because it will help them to weather the storms of harsh criticism and thrive for the benefit of us all.
Here's the email; someone struggled with a foreign language to deliver this eloquent message.

Thanks to Sara and to you for the wonderful contribution you make to so many live, especially mine!

Hello I wish,
I am from Slovakia.This is small country in Europe.I do not know English well so sorry for mistakes.I read key, the secret of all.I know that you are receiving such e-mails a lot but I want to thank you for what you do.You really helped me realize what is important in my life and make the first step to change themselves and gradually the world a better.

Thank you so much.