Friday, February 22, 2008


An email arrived from the UK today by someone who had read “Emotional Options” saying, “ appears the method does not show one how to adopt a new belief” and asking for clarification.
My answer may shock you.

I do not help people to change limiting beliefs, improve their beliefs, replace their beliefs or adopt new beliefs

I help people to BREAK OUT from beliefs that limit them, block success and make them miserable.

Think about it. If you were going to break out of prison would you want to change to a better prison or freedom from bars and constraints?

If you were on the Titanic, would you choose help with the deck chairs or to get the heck off the ship?

I know it takes inward courage to challenge a belief and break out from it, disprove it, render it useless and eliminate it. It breaks up reality as you know it. It’s disorienting and confusing. Our education systems do not reward disorientation and confusion.

Life does! Like this. When sunlight breaks through the clouds -- beyond belief!

When you dare to break out from a belief barrier, you enter a zero belief zone. In that zero belief state, if you can resist the urge to fill it up right away with a better belief, you will find infinite possibilities and greatly expanded creativity.

To your happiness and success in the ZERO BELIEF ZONE!