Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Richard Can Read

When an adult learns how to read, it is like walking through a wall into a brand new world. Talk about a breakout!

I have enjoyed the privilege of teaching 3 adults, all over 40 years old how to read.
Mary Galewaler, a widow with 12 children moved out of extreme poverty – the kind where you cry because your kids are cold and hungry and you don’t know what to do. She got her first paying job after living on a veteran’s pension and social security. She bought her own home.

A welfare mother in Desert Hot Springs, CA learned that she was not retarded. I watched as she made a dream come true. She held her youngest daughter on her lap and read her a story.

Richard can read! We are working on “Consonant Blends.” Richard read that title, “Consonant Blends,” without blinking an eye. He is also reading Louise Hay’s “Heal Your Life.”

Want to add your prayers and thoughts to help people learn to read? Palm Springs “Breakout Weekend” graduate, Dorie Geniesse and her friend Sue started Selcarim to see if our prayers and thoughts could change the world by focusing on a different problem each month. They asked me to choose an issue I care deeply about and record a message for April. You can hear it here:

Here’s to walking through walls!