Monday, January 12, 2009

Mandy Evans Live at The Betty Ford Center

The response from those who listened to “Peace with the Past” encourages me to send it to you again.

I’m speaking to recovering addicts and professionals in the field at the famous Betty Ford Center in California. The material applies to all of us who seek freedom from limiting beliefs we formed during challenging times that are not true and block happiness and success now.

Here’s a gift to help you make a strong start in 2009 – FREE for you and FREE to share.

I was deeply touched by the spontaneous comments people sent me. Like these --

“Thank you for your story and your generosity in sharing it. Even though I know so many of the stories of your life, it was with awe and appreciation that I listened again. You are an amazing speaker and a beautiful light in the world and in my life.”

“Thank you for sharing this very personal and inspirational talk with us. You have a lot to say and your presentation is easy to hear and accept on a very personal level as well.”

“It was great! I did not live with alcoholic parents but there are many aspects of your talk that hit us all. As you said, we all have a past!
I sat my husband down and had him listen to your talk on the MP3 since his mother came from an alcoholic family. Never did anyone ever talk about "the father." He was always the bad guy and I know very little about their story but we both wondered what my mother-in-law's fathers' story might have been.Please start selling this CD as soon as you can it will be wonderful!Thank you for giving it as a gift. It was highly received!”

“It was exciting and just like having my own private lecture. I found myself learning stuff all over again from it - as well as feeling very moved.”

I’d love to know what YOU think.