Thursday, May 15, 2008

Do This Instead of Giving Up

Since Joe Vitale’s bestseller, “The Attractor Factor” lists me under “Healers, Counselors and Mentors” I get some pretty unusual emails.

A man sent a request for a healing prayer and asked about my services. I told him I was not any kind of expert in that area but I’d be glad to offer a personal prayer for his healing.

He wrote back. The healing was for his dog, Danny, who has a kidney problem.

I sat quietly for a moment sending loving and healing thoughts to Danny and asking for his healing.

This caring pet owner emailed that he was sending a check for $200.

I quickly typed “No! No! Please don’t send it!” and clicked “send.”

The check arrived yesterday with a thoughtful note. He acknowledged my no-check-request, but said he wanted me to have it.

What a lovely predicament. What to say when I send the check back without being ungracious? Maybe I’m just being stubborn and short-sighted, but I really can’t see myself accepting money for praying.

It got me thinking about requests, prayers, gratitude, generosity, kindness and good stuff like that. How when you run out of ideas and actions, you can always meditate and pray instead of giving up in anger or despair.

Maybe you would like to offer a prayer for Danny too. He has such a generous and loving human friend, I’d like to help.

Seems like a step in a good direction – sharing our caring, concern, prayers and kindness. Ah, what a world it could be.

Sending love and healing thoughts your way,