Thursday, December 22, 2011

Joy to the World

Jot to the world! Why not? Maybe it's having an 18 month grandchild in the family, all full of wonder and curiosity, studying up on how to talk  -- and how to climb really high. Maybe it's the sad but welcome end to the war in Iraq. Maybe it's looking at how far we have come on the path to equal rights for women, African Americans and gay people. Whatever! This year as the holidays wrap themselves around us, my abiding desire is joy to the world!

It seems so real. If we will just do it. We can  fill our individual hearts with joy and good wishes for everyone! OK, if you can't go that far yet, how about your family, your neighbors, yourself?!

It seems so real that we who have a little or a lot extra can share some to help those in need. Everyone can have enough to eat, shelter and love. Surely there is enough to go around.

It seems so real that the idea of war can become absurd, the idea of peace real and possible.

It seems so real this year. Joy to the world! Why not?

Wishing you the happiest of holidays and many blessings.

Your comments are always welcome. I love to read about your thoughts and insights and think that people we do not even know will be able to read them too.