Sunday, February 26, 2012


Emery meets Wonder, her first horse. 
  At 70, I am changing almost as fast as my granddaughter, Emery is at 19 months. We are both learning as fast as we can only she can accomplish more with her body every day and I can accomplish less.

In early February, I got a flu/cold thing and today is the first time I've had enough energy to more than the bare minimum movement required to keep from sinking into sloth and torpor! I had begun to think, maybe I'm not sick. Maybe I'm just old and cough a lot now. Am so grateful for another reprieve into the cough-free world from barely functioning to fairly functioning.

I am looking at life from yet another side now. I'm not sure what I can count on my body to sustain. Travel and teaching 4 day retreats seems iffy, when for so many years I just signed up, showed up and delivered. No question about it.

I'm going to have to change my ways, maybe go "virtual". I'll need to learn to collaborate, cooperate and ask for help, breakout from some limiting beliefs. OMG!

I so welcome input, advice, suggestions and encouragement.

What changes are you going through? I'd love to cheer you on to happiness and success beyond your wildest dreams.