Monday, September 26, 2011

You're Probably Not Normal!

You're probably are not normal! One of a kind,
that's what you are. It does not get any more
special than that. How exquisitely unique, your
view of life and our world. Only you have touched
all of the people you have loved and befriended.

What amazing gifts you have to share. If you attempt
to trade them all for a spot on a bell curve marked
"normal," you will never know who you might connect
with if you give a hint of your splendor. Even if you
try to make that bad bargain, you probably won't
succeed; you'll just dim your light a little.

One of a kind character actor, Bill Hickey, was one
of the strangest people I ever knew -- tall, skinny with
teeth like a race horse and a NY accent so intense it
seemed like a joke. Nominated for an Academy
Award for a role in "Prizi's Honor" and beloved acting
teacher at the HB Studio in NYC, he once said,
"If you want a really good acting lesson just ride the
subway and watch all of the people trying to act normal."

Just to think of the beyond-normal wonder of
Bill Hickey and you! Still, almost everyone I know
lives with painful beliefs about lack of worthiness
and doubt about what they have to offer.

If I had a magic wand and could wave those beliefs
away,would you want me to wave it?

If not, why not? If you have an answer to that one,
you've got some beliefs that would be well worth

How about celebrating an "I'm Not Normal Day"?
We won't have to tell anyone if we don't want to.
We could devote 24 hours to knowing deep in our
hearts, that each of us is a one of a kind treasure.

I'm starting now; I hope you will join me.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

9/11 Vision

On TV, the tear filled eyes of the children who lost a parent on 9/11 fill my heart with love and admiration for their courage. My thoughts turn to the countless children we humans have orphaned with our blind faith in punishment and vengeance.

I also hold in my heart a vision. In my vision, each person strives for peace, understanding, kindness, compassion and creative solutions to problems. We want it with the same intense desire many of us feel for money, cars, status or fame. I'm feeding the fire of that desire.

Smiling and sending love,

Friday, September 2, 2011

Prosperity Is An Inside Job

Questions about money fly around like mosquitoes on a muggy night lately. No kidding? Since we hurtled from the ‘give me, get me, buy me era to the days of ‘what happened to my job? And who took my retirement?’ it’s a natural hot topic.

Here are some prosperity priming tips to weather the storm and thrive.

Six habits to breakout from:
1. Clinging to the status quo. Fighting change uses up energy you could put to better use. It’s like trying to cling to a rock as a tsunami roars in instead running for high ground. One of the toughest laws of the universe tells us, “you either expand, or you contract.” You can’t just hover; you’ll crash.

2. Blaming. The fixed idea that someone else determines the outcome of your life blocks creativity. It sucks the life force right out of you. The more you are will to be responsible for, the more freedom you have.

3. Resenting the success of others. It is very hard to attract to yourself what you condemn in others.

4. Complaining. A little whining goes a long way. It turns people off. Not only that, it keeps your focus on what you don’t want. What you focus on grows!

5. Fear. Many people actually keep themselves in a state of fear and anxiety on purpose due to the misguided belief that fear will help them avoid danger. Fear bombards their bodies with adrenalin and wears them out to the point of giving up.

6. Shame. The belief that there is something shameful about loss and hardship is prevalent. I’ve explored it with lots of people. It has never proved true.

Seven habits to cultivate:
1. Flexibility: You may have to move, downsize or expand. It can be a nightmare (if you do not break out from the habits above) or a great adventure. Your choice.

2. Gratitude. Being aware of the miracles around us natures our sense of wonder. Feeling grateful alters your private version of reality from one of lack to one of abundance and blessings.

3. Looking for opportunities. One of my favorite quotes is, “What you see is mostly what you look for.” Keep an eye out for open doors in places you might not expect to find them.

4. Asking for help. Often a simple shame-blame-and-complaint-free request brings big benefits. Friends, family and Facebook Friends are often glad to provide introductions, useful advice, leads and other assistance if they know what you are looking for.

5. Learning. A return to school, some training in your field, working with a coach, a how-to book, a master mind group, an exciting hour with Google – just for starts! So much to learn, so little time. Learning about how to improve your financial health is fun and profitable.

6. Desire. Use your desire as a sense of direction. Follow it and your intense curiosity.

7. Break out from Limiting Beliefs. When you develop the habit of challenging any belief that blocks happiness and success you move out of the prison of lack into the space of miracles.

Prosperity is an inside job. The greatest experience of prosperity comes with knowing you are enough and you have enough to give to others. It may be your love, your time, a job, encouragement, knowledge or money. Circulate your gifts wisely. They will grow and come back to you.

Additional Resources:
October BREAKOUT Coach Training in Palm Springs. If there is a way you can do it, be there! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn how to break out from poverty and lack to abundance and the space of miracles. I have NO plans to offer it again. There are 8 spaces open. Does one have your name on it?

Check out 50 Beliefs About Money. Which ones are holding you back? It’s free.

Cheering you on to happy prosperity!