Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year's Blue Sky List

Sometimes it drops from the sky, just the boost you need. Mine came from a Facebook post from my dear friend, Ellen (Ellen Steendijk-Pels, singer-songwriter, www.lllzingt.nl ) in the Netherlands. She said:

"I make a 'Blue Skies List' every year (at least once). Mandy Evans wrote about it in her book Emotional Options. If you could simply pick anything out of the blue sky, what would it be? For me it becomes a brainstorm without censorship. It doesn't matter how silly or crazy or unrealistic my desires are, I can just list them. This process has made many, many things clear for me, and continues to do so.

Breaking dreams down into tiny steps or actions is a great way to make them come true as well! Thanks for the idea!"

This New Year, I'd neglected to do one! People have kept their lists for years to review them later, amazed at the results. More powerful than resolutions,sometimes it works faster than a speeding bullet, sometimes so slowly you don't notice, and sure, sometimes not at all. You're not the boss of everything.

If you really want to shake it up and light it up this year, add being happy now to conscious desire for the next adventures, ask for it from the blue sky, write it down and see what happens.

Gotta go write that list! Have fun with yours.



For that "happy desire" part, there's a youtube video!
Play Why You Want Everything You Want

The book,  Emotional Options (digital or paper, in Dutch, Japanese and English) link http://amzn.com/B008RBUC4S