Thursday, July 24, 2014

How to Use Conscious Attraction

What is that mysterious connection between you and 
what comes into your life? What is it made of? 
Though I still confess to a good deal of bewilderment, 
I'd like to focus on two important (usually overlooked) 
elements of that connection. Each plays a crucial role
in what comes into your life and how you experience 
Consciousness and Beliefs
Beliefs govern choices you make and emotions you 
feel, even what dreams you dare to reach for. But 
consciousness comes first! You cannot form a belief 
about something you are not aware of. 

Consciousness and beliefs work in a beautiful partnership. 
You can only dare to choose among options you are 
aware of and believe are possible for you.

My new adventure as a professor with entheos Academy 
for Optimal Living makes classes I could not even have 
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about the opportunity, I could not even want it!

Consciousness and Beliefs. You can't click the link to open the door unless
 you read this. You won't be conscious of what's in there.

You won't watch the videos unless you believe it is
possible, no, likely that you can  become happier, 
freer and more prosperous just be being 
present and open to a new perspective. 

This new adventure has raised my consciousness of 
what is possible for me as a teacher beyond my 
wildest dreams and altered my beliefs about what 
I can contribute.

"How to Prosper from the Inside Out" challenged me
most of all. It is new material and reveals things about 
my life I've never shared publicly. I created the class to 
help others break out from the unconscious prison that 
blocks happy prosperity by sharing how I broke out of mine.

I hope the magic of Conscious Attraction draws 
you to click,, watch, prosper 
and be happy! 

Previews are free, classes are seriously affordable, $9.99 for
a whole month of 100's of classes plus mine. 

Thanks you for sharing these thoughts and dreams with me!