Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lessons from Hummingbirds

There is just something about hummingbirds. I confess to a stab of envy when my friend Betty found a hummingbird nest in a tree in her yard.

I dreamed of having that experience too. A thrill of delight followed when one began to build her nest right outside the window above my desk last year. Alas, she chose a large leaf on a shedding succulant. When it fell off, I knew the sinking feeling of disappointment. I'll bet she did too.

A few days ago I sipped some morning coffee and gazed out the window from the dining area in my little casita by the lake. A flash of movement caught my eye. A pair of super-speedy wings held a wee bird in place for a moment. She lit on a branch and poked at something.

Again and again she returned until she had her beautiful nest just about done. I thought, "I'd better tell the gardeners not to trim this tree." Then I thought, "They never trim this tree unless I ask them to." The thought persisted until I forced it out of my mind. They say humans are the only creatures who go against their own instincts.

Must be true, because I sure went against mine. When I returned to my vantage point, the tree had been trimmed and the little nester was nowhere in sight.

Now I knew the dejection of bitter disappointment.

'It's just an experience," I told myself. It's not something you really had.
"That's all we ever want!" I answered.
"Well, have another one," I replied.
" I wanted the watching-the-humming-bird one." I shot back.

Just about then, she flew in for the landing. I knew the joy, the delight, the rapture of a miracle.

Here's what I learned from the hummingbird.

Even if you are not always good, experience envy, indulge in disappointment, go against your own instincts, argue with yourself and do not create a happy experience evenwhen you know how -- miracles abound! You just have to keep an eye out and accept them.

I 'm thinking about presenting another "BREAKOUT to Miracles Weekend" I'll keep you posted.


PS -- Look how close they came! See the fresh cuts on the branch by her beak and behind her! Miracles abound!
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