Thursday, May 21, 2009

A voice woke me up in the middle of the night. A dream? A memory? The universe?

It said “Catch a Buzz, how may I help you? I’m sorry, Linda is all booked up this week. Would you like me to look for something next week?”

Then it came to me. I had heard those words before.

First, for this to make any sense at all, here’s a glimpse into the Breakout Weekend. We do a lot of journaling, beginning with what we want to break out from and what we want to break out to. That way each person uses the weekend to work on their unique issues. It is good info to have about yourself. I encourage you to make your own list and see what happens.

At the last Breakout Weekend we got pretty exuberant playing What If Up. It goes like this. Tell a group something you want or a problem you have. The group shares wonderful “what if’s” instead of the usual stuff to worry about.

One of the things on Robert Edelburg’s Breakout List was a center for healing and teaching. He is a gifted chiropractor and healer. They call him Dr. Buzz from an appropriate childhood nickname.

Linda Hyman draws on a lifetime study of personal and spiritual growth. She had just finished training as a Marriage and Family Therapist. Her list included a successful new therapy practice, recession or not.

We had what iff-ed a thriving center for Dr. Buzz, called, “Catch-a-Buzz” (I said we were feeling exuberant).

Then we focused on Linda’s dream. Dr.Buzz held his hand to his head making the thumb and pinkie telephone symbol. He said, “Catch-a-Buzz, how may I help you? I’m sorry, Linda is all booked up this week. Would you like me to look for something next week?”

Last weekend Linda and I went to a movie. She was almost late. Her practice is so full she had fallen asleep after squeezing 3 more patients into her exhausting schedule on Saturday morning.

Dr. Buzz opens The Palm Springs Healing Center next month.

My list included a good movie buddy and a new place to teach, the Palm Springs Healing Center!

So what was that voice in the night for? Though it took work, it all evolved so naturally, without frustration, pain or struggle. Not one of us had noticed the breakout.

It’s good to know what you want. Even better to get support for your goal. It’s also important to notice when a dream comes true.

Miracles are waiting!


The next BREAKOUT Weekend

Linda Hyman, M.A., LMFT

Dr. Robert Edelburg, DC
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