Thursday, June 21, 2012

Love, Sweet Love

This deer comes to visit her friend, the cat every morning to share a little love.

When you open your heart to love in all of it's wonder your life will be filled with it. There is no shortage of love. It does not cost a penny. We each have an endless supply. Love is not only a renewable resource, it grows and multiplies when you give it away.

And yet, people send me lots of emails expressing so much pain, self-doubt, and regret about love. Others have lists so long, with so many requirements and qualifications it's a wonder they find someone to say hello to, much less build a relationship with.

If you are looking for The One, everyone you meet may not be a match for you for a life-time partnership. But when you are loving and open to miracles -- well that's got to improve your chances.

No waiting required. Sit quietly and send love to people you care about. Or someone you have a problem with. When you are out and about send love to people with a smile or a blessing thought. It won't hurt and it opens the door to possibilities you may not have thought of.

Right now, today, I hope your beliefs about love will not block your chances for magical, unexpected experiences and miracles.

I would love to hear about your adventures in love. Your comments inspire us.

For more about how "Beliefs About Love" can get in your way and how to break out from them, there's an audio by that name available on my website:

Cheering you on to miracles of love!