Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Breakout Tools

The BREAKOUT STORE is open! It's full of tools to
break out to success, happiness and miracles at

I sorted through hours of material, editing and digitalizing
to give you the best of what I've learned from my life's
work. I put it online and priced everything way low so
everyone can afford it.

What's there?

"Beliefs About Love" Stop sabotaging Cupid with a
fresh look at love.

Peace with the Past" recorded at the Betty Ford Center
reveals deeply personal details of my journey as the daughter
of a violent alcoholic father and how I made peace with my
own past.

"Choosing Happiness" provides a complete overview of
the Option Method and a rare opportunity to listen to actual
real-life Option Dialogues.

The "Breakout to Miracles" video was recorded live at the
amazing Miracles Weekend with Joe Vitale in San Diego.
The entire talk is here along with the standing ovation!
Miracles abound! Learn how to accept yours.

My books, "Emotional Options" and "Travelling Free"
are there too, filled with workshop-tested exercises and
insights, they work like your own work-shop-in-a-book.

If you want to break out from prison you need some tools.
When the prison is of your own making, built with beliefs
that block your happiness and clamp limits on your
success, that old hack saw we see in the movies won't
help at all. Go to The Breakout Store and get some new

It is important! Why?

With every false conclusion you come to you fence out a
bit of freedom. Every time you adopt a erroneous belief
about who you are, what you can have and the nature our
world, you rule out countless possibilities. Little by little
as you go through life you confine yourself in a smaller
and space with fewer opportunities. Often the space is
filled with fear, anger, regret, or guilt.

We all do it! But few of us become aware of how our own
belief systems have to shape our lives. Those of us who
share these messages have broken out of solitary
confinement for sure. I think the breakouts are infinite and
love to hear about yours. I'm grateful for your insights
and enouragement.

Please share this with anyone who could use some good
breakout tools.

To your happiness and success!



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