Sunday, October 19, 2008

The "Present Present"

So many amazing people from all around the world attended the Miracles Weekend in San Diego I wanted to tell those of you who are interested all about it.

My presentation, “Accepting Miracles” was the very last one before the final Key Note by Joe Vitale. It was a fabulous experience – something we all created together with our love and enthusiasm.

Good news! They filmed it an I’ll get a copy of my part to share with you. I’ll keep you posted.

Then I got busy getting ready for the BREAKOUT Weekend here in Palm Springs, info/register:

It begins on Friday night. There is still room and I would love to see you here!

Thanks to Jarad James here’s a complete report! And best of all it’s a “present present” – just click the link and you’ll see what he means.

To Your Happiness and Many Miracles!