Sunday, February 13, 2011

Breakout to Love

Do you greet the approach of Valentine's day
with joy? Or dread? Or something in between?

With a whole day dedicated to celebrating
love most of us focus on romantic love. What
to give or get? On what it means if we don't
have a sweetheart. Or didn't get a rose or a
dozen roses. It can all be very stressful, even
heartbreaking if you hold limiting beliefs about

There's an easy fix; celebrate all kinds of love.

I love Valentine's day and sending Valentines.
So I'm sending one to you with a very long stemmed
rose from my patio!

Wishing you an open heart overflowing with all
kinds of love, like the love I feel for you
right now.

And brotherly love, sisterly, fatherly, motherly,
grandmotherly, co-workerly, son and daughterly,
we-are-all-one love, spiritual love, sexy love,
happy love, grieving love, caring love, generous
love, curious, wondering, friendly, blessing,
compassionate, grateful, forgiving, and romantic

All kinds of love!

Happy Valentine's Day!

With love,