Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Supercoach Masterclass Series Video

 I just got a video clip from my training from Micheal Neill's Supercoach     Masterclass Series. Michael is a wonderful author (You Can Have What You Want, Supercoach and more), coach, and friend. Over the last years I've worked with him in NYC and LA, training coaches in how to help their clients to break out from beliefs that block happiness and success. This time, he came up with a great new idea. He put together a combined live and virtual training with some of his favorite coaches and trainers to work with students in NYC, LA, Seattle and London. Participants from all around the world attended the live events or watched streaming video.

Bright and early at the Wilshire Motel
I taught my segment in beautiful Santa Monica. To make the adventure even sweeter, my friends Ross and Buzz and I drove in the night before to have dinner and see "The Book of Mormon". We stayed at the vintage Wilshire Motel and had a fabulous time.

Here's the link for the clip from that LA event and the one in NYC, put together by Joe Alamo. For a look inside the world of coaching, go see.

May all of your work be filled with delightful adventures and all of your adventures full of wondrous new insights.