Thursday, October 4, 2012

Unless We Are Free...

In a recent interview Nobel laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi said, "Unless we are free we cannot realize out true potential." She is a great and gracious hero who lived under house arrest for two decades for the cause of freedom in her beloved Burma. Her words have inspired millions of people to stand up for freedom in peace and with dignity.

Those particular words, "Unless we are free we cannot realize out true potential" hit home, giving me a deeper perspective on my own work. The greatest freedom we can claim is inner freedom, especially the freedom to be happy in all of its glorious forms: peace, delight, curiosity, gratitude, love, bliss, contentment -- so many faces of happiness! Until we know how to break out from the prisons of our own limiting beliefs we cannot liberate ourselves.

Few, if any of us, will meet the challenges that Aung San Suu Kyi took on. But all of us will face birth and death, sickness and health, better times and worse ones. I don't know about you, but when I grew up, I had NO guidelines for how to understand my inner reality, my belief systems, or my emotional reactions to the ever-changing events around me. It took a course in the Option Method at a school for group counselling in NYC GROW) with Bruce Di Marsico for me to open my eyes and catch my first glimpse of freedom.

I began to see that my perceptions of reality, my conclusions about what happened, the meaning I ascribed to what people said and did governed my responses -- especially my emotional responses. Since that time, in 1972, I learned more from Bruce Di Marsico and other magnificent teachers like Ram Dass, Pierre Pannetier, and Werner Erhard. Books by Jane Roberts and Joseph Murphy shook my world view, in a wonderful way. Friends and colleagues, Micheal Neill and Joe Vitale encouraged me and shared their wisom.

Most of all I have learned from my own deep exploration of my own limiting beliefs and feelings and working with courageous students to explore theirs. I put the very best of what I've learned into two books:

Emotional Options 

Travelling Free: How to Recover from the Past.

I wish every one could read them. I'm not the world's best marketer. I have no desire for fame or a huge fortune. I just want to share the greatest gifts I have ever received: The gift of happiness and the gift of recovery. I was thinking about how to do that this morning, so I wrote this blog post. My message is simple, if you want break out from beliefs that block happiness and success, read my books. I'm pretty sure they will help you. If you have read them and found them useful, please tell other people about them. Because: "Unless we are free we cannot realize out true potential" and you have many gifts to share.

 You can find more information and links to order at my online Breakout Store.

Cheering you on to happiness and freedom!