Saturday, February 1, 2014

New Class: Big Breakout Ideas

NEW CLASS! How To Breakout from a Limiting Belief

Do you want to improve your finances? Would you like to have better relationships? How about expanding your creativity, or making a greater contribution to the world? Whatever you want, begin with what you believe.
Your individual version of reality influences every choice you make. It colors and shapes every goal you reach for or turn away from, even what dreams you dare to have.

Changing limiting beliefs about your lot in life can open doors you may not have known you closed.  In the midst of beauty and abundance, you can spend your entire life wrestling with circumstances and situations without ever discovering the fixed ideas that keep you stuck in them. Beyond self-defeating beliefs, the possibilities are infinite!

Watch my class for FREE on Thursday, February 20th at 2pm PST at the en*theos Academy for Optimal Living