Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kindness Multiplies

Chris, the manager of the Orphan Pet Oasis, holds up a check for $500 and one of their small residents.

The generous man who asked for prayers for his beloved dog, Danny, sent it with thanks to all of you who responded with loving thoughts, prayers and kind emails. I delivered it yesterday.

The money will help the Orphan Pet Oasis, a no kill center in North Palm Springs, CA care for abandoned pets.

Friday, June 20, 2008

1 Second BREAKOUT!

Keep an ear out for beliefs, like a piano tuner listens for the clunker key.

Not any old beliefs. Beliefs that hold people back. Beliefs that cause fear or guilt.

At Pat Obryan’s product marketing seminar in San Antonio, during my visit to Texas, Joe Vitale, http://www.mrfire.com/ made a cameo appearance. I thought I was just tagging along, but it turned out I was making one too.

Pat turned to me, camera rolling.

He said “Tell us about Mandy Evans and why Joe loves you so much.”

Oh my goodness! There I am, up against the wall!

I told them a little about my work.

Tara Reed, www.tarareeddesigns.com/for-artists.html who had come to market one idea told me she found an even better one there.

Then she added, with some extra emphasis, “Of course I would never compete with my coach.”

My inner belief bell rang, loudly. My coaching students soar to heights far beyond my modest accomplishments all the time. The coaches often charge more money; the writers sell more books. I love it. "Why not?" I asked. It took about a second.

Tara talked about loyalty and ethics but I could feel her limiting belief that she had to be less than her advisor losing its hold on her. The question gained traction.

Tara e-mailed that after talking with her mentor, she's is moving ahead with her project – full steam ahead instead of with one foot on the break.

She said “Thank you so much -- I love having a group of wonderful people like you cheering me on! I'm cheering you on as well -- I just joined your list to keep me on the straight and narrow and out of the 'muck & mire' of self-doubt!”

If you have come to a conclusion, like it’s bad to do better than your teacher, friend, mother or father, sometimes it just takes a 1 second question to break out from a belief prison that kept you in custody for years. If you listen, you can hear them all around.

After our 1 second breakout, we all went to lunch along the beautiful River Walk. Joe took a photo of me. I really like this one I took of him.

Belief Relief Quizzes: http://mandyevans.com/beliefreliefquizzes5.html

BREAKOUT in Palm Springs info: Just a blog below!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

BREAKOUT in Palm Springs!

Just beyond the limits of your own belief system you will find infinite opportunities. This chance to break out with Mandy Evans is one of them.

BREAKOUT Weekend, in Palm Springs, CA
Dates: Friday, 10/24 at 7 PM to Sunday, 10/26 at 1:00 PM
Tuition: $477 Info: 760-328-0858
Location: The Shiloh Inn. Hotel and meals are extra. Details below

Limited to 24 Participants. Register now if you want to come.


  • Coaches, counselors and teachers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Healing professionals
  • People setting out in a new direction in life
  • Students of personal and/or spiritual growth
  • Artists, writers, performers and other creative people

  • Identify key issues and areas of your life to break out from and break into.
  • Learn 2 full-proof clues that you are operating from a limiting belief.
  • Use a step-by-step method to clear the beliefs you hold that block success & happiness.
  • Tap into your most powerful motivation - without struggle or stress.
  • An intentional group of like minded people can create amazing new realities!
Using journalling, dialogues, insights and workshop-tested exercises we will learn how to change fixed ideas about your lot in life, the law of attraction, what you can experience, how you must feel, and the nature of our world.

When you open doors you may not have known you closed you can walk through to new adventures and realities.
Break out to miracles!


Joe Vitale, author of "The Attractor Factor" says,"Mandy Evans is the original Miracle Coach. She helps me get clear so I get results"

According to John Gray, author of "Men Are from Mars,Women Are From Venus," "Mandy Evans' work with beliefs systems is strong and clear ... empowering."

The author of "Emotional Options" and "Travelling Free" and contributor to "The Key" & "The Attractor Factor" draws on over 30 years of experience as an internationally recognized speaker, coach, seminar leader and expert on how to clear limiting and self-defeating beliefs.

People who work with Mandy often find themselves choosing, reaching for and attracting things they never even dreamed about before.

"The BREAKOUT weekend was life changing for me personally and professionally. If something is not working in your life you can be sure somewhere behind it is a self-defeating belief. Wouldn't you like to know what that belief is? Happiness IS only a thought away."--Dr. Robert Edelburg, Chiropractor

"Sometimes just learning more information is not enough. Inspired and 'breakout' determined, I have now completed a huge project avoided for 10 years! Also, by taking the necessary steps to action and believing in my core of joy, I am now publishing an online newsletter called "Inner Light," to guide and inspire others."--Laura Silva, M.A., LicMHC

"Mandy's workshops have helped me go for it in every area of my life. I now embrace life fully, and look forward to each new adventure." --Sonia Gunderson is living with the Inuit in Alaska; how's that for adventure?

"The most genuine workshop leader that I have met or worked with. This is not psychological smoke and mirrors. It's practical, useful and needed." --Paige Cooper

"Mandy's gentle, powerful presence awakens people's inner fire, clarity and truth. I know from personal experience." --Steven Schatz, MA, LMHC

Our spacious meeting room in the Shiloh Inn opens directly into a large inner courtyard for writing outside and picnics by the pool. They have given us a discounted rate of $139 per night, single or double, including free shuttle service from the Palm Springs airport.

For reservations contact Ashley Evans, Director of Sales at 760-320-7676 or Ashley.evans@shiloinns.com Tell her it’s for the Mandy Evans seminar. She is expecting to hear from you and is very helpful.

Nestled at the foot of a 10,000 plus foot mountain, two hours from San Diego or LA, Palm Springs has the highest name recognition of any small town in the world! Come early and stay late. The Shiloh Inn will extend your discount rate for extra days. October is an ideal time to visit. Hike in stunning Joshua Tree National Park and the Indian Canyons. Take the tram to the top of Mount Jacinto. Visit the Casino, stroll through the village, play a little golf.

Let's BREAK OUT to Miracles!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Best Thing About Abundance

What’s the most fun thing about having a lot of money? Giving it away!

The same goes for love, generosity of spirit, kindness, blessings, whatever you’ve got to give!
Examples of this happy theory have filled my life in the last few days.

I just got back from a wonderful visit with the now famous, Joe Vitale in Wimberley, Texas. You can see a snippet on http://drjoevitale.blogspot.com/, scroll down a bit.

I admit I wondered what my old friend would be with all that success, all those fancy cars and yes, all that money!

It was fun seeing the stuff he writes about with such glee and pride – cheering us on to our own prosperity as well.

But the most fun of all was watching Joe light a fire of encouragement in every single person we came across. Like the smile on the lunch server’s face when she realized her tip was larger than the bill. The old guy (probably my age :-)) with the self-published novel at a booth we strolled by at the local Market Days. Joe not only offered encouragement, he bought a copy.

Then there was dinner at the Cedar Grove Steakhouse. But the best part? The owners, Bruce and Holly Collie are just learning the business. So Joe took out an ad, an insert coupon in every copy of a local paper. He created it, packed it with marketing magic and paid for it. After our delicious dinner, Holly came out with her 12 – yes 12! beautiful children to sing a song of thanks they had written for Joe. One of the littlest guys, about 5 years old, added his own gleeful, “Thank you little Mister Joe Vitale!” to the end.

I was there for 4 days. It never ended. Most of those people had no idea that Joe is a bestselling author, teacher in “The Secret” video and book, sought after marketing guru.

I left with my suitcase bulging with books and video gifts and a firmer than ever conviction – the best part about having anything is giving some away.

At the airport bookstore, I noticed a big stack of copies of “The Secret.” Isn’t it grand to see someone walk the talk?

Today I opened a message from Kate Nowak that blew me away. You can find it at www.bettertobless.com/6-10-08.html . Click! Bless! Be Blessed!

So many people doing so many amazing things. I love to hear about yours. What will we think of next?

Love and Blessings,