Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Easter, Passover and Spring!

Wishing you a glorious time to refresh, revive, renew and recover.

May you breakout from the limiting beliefs that hold you back and recover from the hurt that blocks your happiness in this beautiful season of rebirth and renewal.
Happy Easter! Happy Passover! Happy Spring!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Your Value Is Beyond Measure

Been thinking about how much we humans suffer because of  what believe about our value. Explorations into this issue with students and clients often lead us to a painfully limiting belief that we can determine our worth by how other people treat us. Here are some examples we found:

People who are abused often stay in those relationships because they believe it's the only love they will ever get. It goes sort of like this: I do every thing I can to please him/her and it's not good enough. If I'm not even good enough for him/her, how would I be good enough for anyone?

Rejection of our company, our creations, or requests tells us that they are not worth much. This belief usually thrives with a companion belief that rejection is incredibly painful. People who live by those beliefs othen avoid risking rejection unless they really have to ask for something. Because of this avoidance if someone turns them down they may have no where else to turn. Unlike a friend who once said, "I'm really good at dealing with rejection; I'm a writer."

If someone is rude to us it only stings because of what we believe it means about us.

How people treat you and me tells us a lot about what they value. It let's us know what they want and do not want. It reveals what they are interested in or not. It's useful information if you're selecting a team, an employee or employer, a friend or a spouse -- but it doesn't give you a clue about your worth.

Your value is beyond measure. You and I are worth everything and nothing. As I look at what I just wrote, it rings true. Space opens. A smile spreads from my heart outward.  Shall we dare an experiment? How about we follow our desire and curiosity? Then correct our courses as new information becomes available?

May we all find the perfect matches for enlightenment in all of our adventures.

Cheering you on to happiness and success.