Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ready for a New Direction? Self-Help for Recovery

When you are heading in the wrong direction, going the extra mile is not a good idea. Sometimes, in order to succeed and flourish in a happy life, you need to:

  • Stop! Look around. Now look inside. Are you in a good place? Really look.
  • Are you moving toward more of what you want in life or away from it?
  • Open your heart and mind. Are you willing to see your situation clearly? Is there more information available? Do you welcome or block it? 
  • Alter your course. As you follow your heart's desire, you have to alter your course as new information becomes available or you will head for a seriously mismatched destination.
  • Recover! If your spirit is injured, clean the wound and help it to heal before you make any big decisions or strike out in a new direction. You will take a different path when you feel better. Read "Travelling Free: How to Recover from the Past by Changing Your Beliefs" to see how.
  • Break out from limiting, unconscious beliefs about perseverance and blind loyalty. It is not a virtue to remain loyal to something (or someone) that does not nurture your growth and well-being. Sticking to something that does not work does not work! 
  • Assess and re-balance. To achieve a healthy balance in your life, do you need to be more patient and tolerant or do you need to be more proactive and put up with less. 
  • Be Happy! When you are happy where you are, you can move in any direction you like.You tap into the greatest motivation; are open to inspiration; do not fear the truth, see opportunities and take advantage of them more easily. 
Happy journey!

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