Friday, July 2, 2010

Declare Your Independence

No one can authorize you to be free. If you want freedom, sometimes you have to take it.

It's easy to get stuck in prisons of our own limiting and self-defeating beliefs. Often we do not know how to break out. We forget that boundless possibilities for happiness, love and abundance surround all of us. They are always there, whether we know how to access them or not.

As we celebrate our Independence Day this weekend in the US I invite you to declare your own independence. At the top of a piece of paper write your title to freedom, "My Personal Declaration of Independence." Begin with "I declare my independence from... " and write away!

Warning! This powerful exercise works in mysterious ways. Read about what happened to me one dark July night in the mountains with an angel – a real one

Got something to say about it? Yeah, comments! Share your declaration and make it real.