Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Do You Use This Formula for Success?

Last night I returned from an extraordinary experience in New York. I taught 40 coaches in Michael Neill’s Super Coach Academy how to help their clients to break out from beliefs that block happiness and success.

I’ve known and admired Michael for a few years. He is super good and super successful at what he does and in his life.

What does he do that so many of us do not? After a weekend with him and some reflection I got it. He is happy, but so are lots of people. He treats everyone so well. Especially me! Right down to the 4th row center seats at the Broadway show I picked. His entire team treated me, the students and each other really well. It was quite an experience to bask in the midst of all of that well-treating. It allowed me to teach with intense focus and concentration.

It was an unusual experience. But there is more! Michael Neill treats himself really well too! A joy to behold. I’m pretty good at the treating others part, improving at factoring my own well-being in. Now I want to cherish myself and look after me as the amazing, one of a kind being I am.

You know, like the amazing, one of a kind being you are.

Here’s my new, expanded formula for success:

  • Be happy and do what you want

  • Treat everyone really well

  • Treat yourself like the honored guest at the party of life

  • Ask for what you want

  • Give what you want to give

    Let me know how it goes!

    To your happiness and success!


    If you like outrageous dark comedy and you are in NYC, go see Christopher Walken in “A Behanding in Seattle” in previews now.