Monday, August 30, 2010

Miracles of Wonder

When you break out from your own limits you discover you are surrounded by miracles and always have been. Take off the blinders you never even noticed putting on; you will see miracles of wonder everywhere.

I lived in despair for so many years. The oldest I have ever felt was when I was twenty eight. I could not see anything in front of me but a struggle to make it through as a newly single mother – barely. I viewed the world through my own belief system. It told me not to expect much from life, not to ask for anything from anyone.

Infinite opportunities for love, happiness, success – and miracles of wonder surrounded me. I could not see them. Now I see so many I get dizzy trying to choose. It was a long, sometimes painful journey, filled with blessings, love and guidance from many wonderful teachers.

As a coach, writer, seminar leader, I have walked with a whole lot of people through doors they never knew they closed. We broke out from the prisons of their own limiting beliefs into wide open spaces. It can be a dizzying experience, difficult, almost impossible to achieve on your own.

That is why I created the BREAKOUT to Miracles Weekend. I took the most effective, powerful exercises and insights from long years of experience and combined them into a one weekend course. The idea is for people to learn how to uncover their own self-defeating beliefs, how to explore them and break out from them into greater freedom.

We have a really good time too. When you get past your own limits, there’s not much left, but truth, beauty, miracles and fun. What would you like to breakout from? Is there a miracle you want to break out to? Learn how at

This course is designed for lasting impact. When you know how to spot a prison and escape from it, you can do it over and over for the rest of your life.

The next BREAKOUT to Miracles Weekend will be in Vancouver, British Columbia on October 23/24, hosted by Chuck Davis. You can learn a lot online; it does not compare to the live experience we will share.

This may be the best next step you could ever take and the best gift you could give yourself. Please check it out for yourself or someone you care about. There is a substantial discount for early registration. Enrollment is limited so please go to now.

Let’s break out to miracles in Vancouver!