Saturday, April 18, 2009


I got a phone message I didn't know how to respond to. Someone I had never met called to ask for help with a heart-rending challenge and I had no answer. I dreaded returning the call. I felt so inadequate to the task.

Just be kind, I thought. It is always a gift and sometimes hard to come by. I picked up the phone with more enthusiasm.

I met a brave, fascinating person. We had an interesting converstaion. I had even spoken at the church she attends now back when her mother used to go there.

We found a way to happiness and peace of mind even before we solved the problem she faces. We are both going to focus on the desired outcome and send love. We came up with a few steps to take to clear the path for miracles.

It was a great call and a wonderful reminder -- there is always something you can contribute, even when you don't know what to say or what to do. Share kindness. It opens doors for miracles to come in.

Blessings and thanks to SB for a sweet connection.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Richard Can Read

When an adult learns how to read, it is like walking through a wall into a brand new world. Talk about a breakout!

I have enjoyed the privilege of teaching 3 adults, all over 40 years old how to read.
Mary Galewaler, a widow with 12 children moved out of extreme poverty – the kind where you cry because your kids are cold and hungry and you don’t know what to do. She got her first paying job after living on a veteran’s pension and social security. She bought her own home.

A welfare mother in Desert Hot Springs, CA learned that she was not retarded. I watched as she made a dream come true. She held her youngest daughter on her lap and read her a story.

Richard can read! We are working on “Consonant Blends.” Richard read that title, “Consonant Blends,” without blinking an eye. He is also reading Louise Hay’s “Heal Your Life.”

Want to add your prayers and thoughts to help people learn to read? Palm Springs “Breakout Weekend” graduate, Dorie Geniesse and her friend Sue started Selcarim to see if our prayers and thoughts could change the world by focusing on a different problem each month. They asked me to choose an issue I care deeply about and record a message for April. You can hear it here:

Here’s to walking through walls!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Clear Path to Prosperity

Nothing like a bunch of out-dated, off-the-wall, self-defeating, limiting beliefs about money to keep your credit card maxed and your pockets empty.
Nothing like disproving those beliefs to clear a path to prosperity!

Two kinds of beliefs often stand in the way.

Limiting emotional beliefs: These beliefs trigger painful feelings. For example some people feel shame when they fail and guilt when they succeed. What a bind! Anticipatory dread of these emotional consequences keeps us from even trying new approaches. Fear of feeling worse causes the wheel spinning that digs us deeper and deeper into a rut of despair.

Misperceived beliefs about adequacy, deserving and status act like blinders blocking out genuine opportunities. You cannot recognize a magical connection when your focus is on whether you deserve it or not. How can you be recognized if you are trying to pump up your status or hide your true nature?

Actions speak loudly of beliefs. A student of mine is working on a strong case of poverty consciousness. He noticed a great clue to follow up and explore. He rents a low cost apartment in an affluent suburb. When people at his new job asked where he lived, he said “I didn’t want to tell them. I didn’t want them to think I’m rich.”

Another student responded, “Wow. I would want just the opposite. I’d want people to think I’m a lot better off than I am.”

These opposing responses stem from the same misconception: “who I am is not ok.”

There is one thing I wish I could share with the whole world today. “You are enough. You are not too much, too little, too young, too old, too rich, too poor, to beautiful, too ugly – too anything to be happy, to be loved and to prosper. You are enough just as you are. You may want to use that enough-ness to create all sorts of adventures. Maybe you want to make a fortune. Maybe avoid some pitfalls. You may succeed some days and stumble on others. It has nothing to do with whether you are enough to be the perfect you.

To find out more about beliefs like these and how to break out from them take a free quiz on “50 Beliefs About Money”

Some of them may surprise you!

I hope these messages help you to find and disprove more limiting beliefs so you can see the miracles and opportunities all around. Please feel free to share them.


If you come to the Rowe Conference Center in May we’ll have a whole BREAKOUT Weekend together clearing the path to accept prosperity, creativity and miracles. . Click Conference Center Schedule; scroll down to May 29. It’s a beautiful, caring environment for a breakout!

Know why you want everything you want? Don’t miss the YouTube clip from the Miracles Weekend