Friday, June 10, 2011

Why Bother with Those Pesky Beliefs

Why Bother with Beliefs? Positive ones. Negative ones.
Limiting, self-defeating ones. Why bother with those all
those pesky beliefs anyway?

Because what you believe effects every choice you make.

Every day we humans grin with delight or feel our hearts
break; we suit up or give up, get married or divorced, take
jobs, quit jobs, make peace or go to war because of what
we believe. We make important life decisions operating
from a hidden program we are not even aware we have.

Intense emotions sweep through us. Sometimes they stay longer
than we like. All because of our belief systems, our individual
versions of reality.

That is why I encourage you to pay attention to your beliefs.
Learn to question every emotion you do not like feeling; you
will find your beliefs. What is that emotion about? Why is
that the way to feel? What are you concerned would happen
if you did not feel that way?

Challenge every limit to following your heartfelt desire. You
will uncover the beliefs that hold you back. Nurture the tingling
awareness of what you want to attract to you and move toward.
It will lead you through life learning everything you need to
know as you go.

If I sound unusually impassioned today, I am.

Why? Because I do not believe beliefs are important. I know
they are! And very few people are paying much attention,
except you! Thank you so much for your interest, encouragement
and support. Your awareness is important. Your open minded
curiosity will change your life and the lives of those you touch.

Would you like to go much deeper and learn a whole lot more
about how to break out to success, happiness and miracles?
Come to the BREAKOUT Coach Training in Palm Springs,
October 27-30. I will train 24 people how to indentify and break
out from beliefs that hold them back.

Designed for both new and experienced coaches, teachers,
therapists and people in the healing professions the course is open
to all committed students. Everyone is a coach to someone,
especially ourselves.

An announcement goes out next week with a discounted early
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want to come and be sure you have a space, let me know.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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