Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Beliefs You Hold Like a Shield

"Women never get anywhere in the art world," she said. She always said that as if it explained why her beautiful paintings stood stacked in the corner of her barn. It was not true, but she held it in front of her like a shield. From what? From the hurt she feared would do her in if she ever dared to open her hungry heart and clenched fists and reach for the connections she yearned to make.

"Nice guys always finish last," he said when the woman withdrew her interest and affection. It was not true. It was not because he was nice. There were other reasons, as mysterious as the purpose of love.

These are examples of incredibly limiting "belief-lies" we humans hold like shields to protect us from the hurt that might just do us in, down for the count -- or forever.

If only it worked it might be worth the effort. There would be some benefit gained for the enormous expenditure of energy and vigilence. But belief-lie shields are only heavy, they do not protect. They only block the light.

My life's work has been finding, exploring, exposing those beliefs for the lies they are. I love helping people to find the courage to live without them. It does require some valor to put down a heavy shield and stand exposed before the glory of life with its infinite possibilities for creativity, love and joy.

I'm looking for new ways to connect with people who are ready to put down the shield and break out from the belief-lies that block happiness, success, and life. I welcome your thoughts. Will keep you posted!