Saturday, August 8, 2009

Clear the Way for Miracles

Here’s an exercise you can do to give your miracle a chance to meet up with you in reality.

Write down something you want, something that would take a miracle to attract or achieve.
Now write down why you cannot have it.

Those answers are your beliefs. If they stand between you and the fulfillment of your heart’s desire it is vital to know if they are true or not.

Erin Carraway did that. At the Breakout Weekend at Rowe at the end of May Erin began to dream of playing rugby. She believed it was an amazing experience she could not have again.

Erin’s reasons and beliefs:

7 years away from the game. That’s too long. You can’t go back after that long.

No teams nearby. There isn’t anybody to play with anyway

Fitness level. I could never get back into the kind of shape I’d need to be in.

Age, 43. That is too old.

Here’s how Erin broke out of her limiting beliefs to her miracle.

“After reading Emotional Options and doing countless more dialogues on myself, and a few with a friend I met at Rowe, I started to attract answers to other questions about my additional concerns.

I used Vitale's Attractor Factor and your Option dialogues, I started to see and feel it happening.

That Tuesday night, at the gym, I visualized myself talking to a friend about why I wanted to play again.
Wednesday morning found me sending a random email to a club I found just 70 miles from me (how I never knew of it before?!).
They offered me a chance to play with them on Saturday.
The obstacles of getting gear and arrangements all fell, effortlessly into place.
Saturday morning I woke up at 3:30am to make the 4 hour drive to beautiful Saranac Lake to play for this team.
Naturally the drive happened without issue, and by 9:05 AM I was playing rugby again...running, tackling, scrumming against women 20 years my junior, and loving it!

The weekend answered my questions: can I do it, and do I still want to do it. Yes to both...the team asked me to play with them. Today I worked out the final hurdle of health insurance.

There is so much more to say...the universe gives what you ask for, and are willing to let go of.”

I love what Erin says about asking and letting go. Sometimes it is a real challenge to do both!
Wishing you many happy miracles –


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